When it comes to movie making in Germany, there have been tons of productions of great value over the years shot there. Germany is a great place for movie production, as it is diverse, rightfully priced, and offering in general. Hiring a film fixer in Germany is the first step towards a great film production experience.

Finding a film fixer in Germany for your production

Finding a film fixer in Germany that’s right for you is having to do mainly with the type of production you’re into. If your movie is about the history of Germany and war, for example, you should approach a fixer who’s worked for some similar movies. If you want to shoot a film about the marvelous Bavarian countryside and castles, then go for a fixer who’s worked on some productions having to do with tourism and beautiful landmarks. In a phrase, try to find the producer that best matches your interests. If they don’t have many things in common with your production, regarding experience, keep looking.

Another great way to make sure your film fixer in Germany is a match with your project is by checking their portfolio. If they’re experienced, they should have one, and some testimonials to match it. If they don’t then that’s a red flag that they might not be as sincere as they seem. Check their portfolio and see if their past clients were even remotely similar to you. If they were on the same page, as in, interested in the same things as your production is, then you’re good to go. And surely, if their testimonials are positive about the fixer’s work, then again, you’re on the right track for a hire.

Finally, make sure your future film fixer is well versed when it comes to the English language. Your production will most likely be a multi-linguistic one, meaning people will speak English, the most common language on any set.

What to look for in a fixer

What are some of the most important qualities to look for in a film fixer in Germany? Language is one, as we’ve stated above, alongside experience, a great portfolio, and testimonials from past clients. But perhaps the most important aspect of any fixer is communication. If the fixer is great with communicating with you and your staff, be it, actors or handymen, then you’re going to have a great time together. If instead, they’re hard to talk with and grasp, you will not be enjoying your time with them.

Another important factor to any great fixer is their ability to act calmly under pressure. The job of a fixer is to literally stay calm when a situation arises, and then find ways to take care of the issue within the best time and with the least resources possible. Fixers are simply problem solvers who’re working in the movie industry, just like a lobbyist would in politics. Test them to see how they do under pressure. If they don’t crack, hire them!