Box-office hits may be mostly signed by Hollywood producers. But that does not exclude remote shooting spots. Film locations in Germany have been, for a while now, favored among Europe’s places to record. From Berlin to Munich and all the way to Görliwood, backdrops here are a filmmaker’s delight.

Popular Film Locations In Germany

‘Lights, camera, action!’ is something you often hear even outside of Hollywood’s massive studios. Remote locations that make great backdrops are always hunted by producers. And film locations in Germany are among those on which filmmakers hold a grip. Think only of Berlin’s Wall, fortresses, castles, and awe-inspiring scenery.

There are, of course, several spots that have won the hearts of producers and made them come back more than once. Take, for example, the German capital. Berlin’s love story with the cinema industry goes back a long way. From classic movies to contemporary blockbusters, this city has witnessed many shooting sessions. Among the movies filmed here, we found worthy of mentioning Wings of Desire (1987). As the decades passed, Run Lola Run (1998) or The Bourne Supremacy (2004) joined the list.

It probably comes as no surprise that even the James Bond franchise stopped in Berlin. With Roger Moore as the leading actor, the Octopussy (1983) captures a dash of the Iron Curtain times.

An hour away from Berlin, filmmakers have spotted another promising city. Babelsberg, Brandenburg’s capital, is home to one of the oldest film studios in the world. No better place to start rolling, right? An Oscar-winning film shot here is The Lives of Others (2006). This city’s large-scale studio was also used as a backdrop for V for Vendetta (2005) or Cloud Atlas (2012). Over the years, more than 3,000 video productions came to light here.

And film locations in Germany can easily accommodate massive productions too.

From Hollywood To Görliwood

A well-preserved old town is also one of the most incredible film locations in Germany. Charming and with unique architecture, Görlitz has been a filmmakers’ haven since the 1950s. More than a hundred film productions were made here.

This stunning city has managed to conserve its architectural gems. And that turned it into a top pick for many video productions. The city has been a double for Berlin, Paris, and even New York. As it rose to fame, it also gained a new nickname – Görliwood.

A movie that highlights how precious backdrops are here is The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014). Its producers picked the town’s Art Nouveau department store as the main setting. Jackie Chan also came to Görlitz for the adventure comedy Around the World in Eighty Days (2004). The Reader(2008) included scenes filmed at the Demianiplatz square. Görliwood also came to be the perfect spot for Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds (2009).

The region boasts heritage and historical buildings. More than 4,000 monuments are all clustered in the area. So it becomes really easy to get great shots in no time.

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