Germany is the largest country in Europe and a gem for filmmakers of all sorts. Hiring your own production assistant in Germany is key for the best on-the-ground experience. They will surely be familiar with the hidden gems you just cannot miss while shooting in the county of cars, football, beer, and The Wall.

The Secrets of  a Production Assistant in Germany

What does a production assistant in Germany might know that you or the internet doesn’t? For once, they are locals. This translates to a much better understanding of how things run overall. They will be able to provide up-to-date information about filming permits, general filming rules, and regulations, as well as other logistics factors. Second, having your assistant in the country will break language barriers between your English-speaking crew and the locals.

Third, a local production assistant in Germany will most likely hold some great secret places under their belt for you to film at. Forget about the most touristy spots, as they’re usually busy and hard to book. Instead, focus on the lesser-known places that are still making for the ideal background for your filming. One example is the Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a village that looks like a fairytale setting. If you’re into history filmmaking, go to Munster, a key German city during World War II filled with history.

If you want to shoot nature documentaries, Germany is the perfect location for that as well. Visit the famous Beech Forests, some of the oldest forests in Europe, for the ultimate nature-related shots and backgrounds for your video productions. Don’t forget about The Wadden Sea, the largest tidal flats system in the world, a true gem for sea-related filming. Here, nature has been let to freely take its course, undisturbed for thousands of years.

What to do and not to do while filming in Germany

As we’ve stated, hiring a production assistant in Germany is the best bet to ensure a lawful production for you and your crew. While these professionals will be prepared to answer all filming questions on the ground, here are some general rules of what you can and cannot do while filming in Germany. While it’s not easy to get a permit in Germany, it’s usually quick to do so while you tick all of the required boxes. Based on your filming location, you’ll need different filming permits.

With a domestic filming industry that’s just thriving, Germans know how to ensure a great experience for any crew. With some of the best infrastructure on the planet, this country offers studios with the most high-end equipment in which you and the crew can shot your production. Youcan easily find even English-speaking actors while on the ground, reducing the costs of bringing your own.

As far as what you shouldn’t do while filming in Germany, the key element is, never get out of the terms of your permit. Fines are hefty and unlawful activities will have your filming suspended.