When you think about Germany, film production might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Fortunately, this large European country is the ideal place for producing any content at a professional level. Finding a production coordinator in Germany is not a hustle if you know what to look for.

Production coordinator in Germany – how to find the best one

A production coordinator in Germany is a great idea for your project. This is the case with most countries and production, but especially for those which are ten people or bigger, and are happening on an international level. Meaning, they imply people from both the filming country and other places. When hiring a coordinator in Germany, make sure they speak clean English, besides flawless German. The language might not be the first thing that you consider, but on the set, it is impetuous to have people being able to communicate well.

Another aspect to look after when hiring a production coordinator in Germany is experience. Namely, you want a person who’s not just good at coordinating filming crews but who’s also worked on similar projects. Find someone who’s got as much experience as possible in the same realm as your future video. If they’re just good coordinators, that may or may not be enough in your case, depending on how technical your production may become.

Make sure they’re not just experienced in managing teams but also troubleshooting, equipment, cameras, and angles, directing, acting, everything, and anything that might arise on a set. Coordinators are good at keeping things together, but just because they’re good at every single aspect of the production. No matter how insignificant that aspect might seem beforehand. They’re the handymen of the crew, but also the people who give orders.

The must-do production rituals in Germany

What’s it like filming in Germany? Well now that you’ve hired your production coordinator in Germany, you can ask them directly. If you’re not there yet, here are some things you should know. Starting with the prices. Germany is a very well-developed country, although some things, such as the internet, are a little lacking. This means you will pay more than average on logistical things, such as accommodation, food, and transportation, for example. This is to be expected from a developed country in the middle of Europe, and you will get your money’s worth.

Speaking of taxes, Germans require you to pay for filming permits if you’re pointing your cameras at certain buildings or natural wonders. Talk to your coordinator or fixer in Germany to make sure you’re not outside the law. Start shooting after you’ve cleared the board and have a permit for filming, or after you make sure you 100% don’t need one. German law is though and applicable, meaning you’ll get a hefty fine if caught filming without permission. The good news is, you can film almost anywhere in public spaces in Germany without a fee. Just let the local authorities know of your project and they will help.