While the world had to rethink its plans, Germany found ways to keep shooting. Amidst a storm of new and perpetually changing restrictions, filming remained an alternative. Many wonder what is the secret behind the Covid-19-resistant production services in Germany. The answer is simple – extra funding allocated to the film industry.

Production Services In Germany Over The Last Year

Last year began with big dreams for many filmmakers. Yet as March brought closing borders, many plans required withdrawal. The prospect of a full lockdown forced delaying shooting for an uncertain period. Inevitably, most countries had to put filmmaking on hold. But one central European country found a way to support the industry.

Production services in Germany managed not to succumb to the restrictions. The secret to that was the governmental support provided. As expenses were on the rise, the authorities supplemented funding.

The Restart Culture program made way for the German film industry to thrive. Allocating an extra €45m in pandemic support, the government kept filmmakers rolling. Feature films and high-end series can qualify for a €75m production insurance scheme. Given that cinemas got closed, film distribution also became more challenging. About €20mgot earmarked for distributors and sales companies. Plus, those going the extra mile can receive bonuses of up to €300,000. This, as part of the scheme created by Monika Grütters, the state minister for culture and media.

Considering its particular needs, Germany kept the film industry going. Film and television companies received funds to keep out-of-work crews on the payroll. Meanwhile, independent workers got support for rent or childcare payments. The aim was to keep costs derived from Covid-19 events as low as possible. Cancellations or interruptions, the federal government has covered all.

With extensive funding, production services in Germany managed to flourish. Below are just some of the films shot during the pandemic.

Covid-19 Filming Opportunities In Germany

From televisions to small film producers, last year asked for all hands on deck. Constantly adjusting to all the restrictions to keep shooting is exhausting. Yet the German way proves efficient, as shared efforts pushed the industry forward.

One of the first production companies to restart production post-pandemic was UFA. Soon after the installment of the first lockdown, they got back on set. Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten, Germany’s favorite soap-opera, was first on the list. Some other projects scheduled to shoot include series and dramas. For Disney+, they work on Sam, A Saxon, a drama series. Also, they have a period drama – Ku’Damm ’63 for ZDF, or the reality-inspired series Faking H., for RTLNow.

As for international productions scheduled for shooting in Germany, things went well too. Uncharted or Matrix 4restarted and wrapped last year, with no extra shooting days needed. The same applies to Pablo Larrain’s Lady Di biopic – Spencer. The series Babylon Berlin is also currently rolling. Rumour has it that after Matrix 4, Keanu Reeves will be returning for the fourth John Wick film.

Dedication, a highly organized spirit, and a passion for filmmaking. All this kept production services in Germany up and running during the pandemic.