Germany is one of the major European production centres. Although filming in Germany is slightly expensive, the abundance of filming infrastructure, experienced technical and non-technical crew and some specific locations requirements make it one of the best places to shoot. The government also offers a tax rebate for production, which further helps to bring costs down.


Filming Permits

Filming in Germany is not regulated by one single authority. Getting film permits is relatively straightforward, although it can involve several entities.

In some cases, you may need multiple permits. However, with the help of an experienced production fixer, obtaining permits is relatively easy. In addition, we can try and speed up the process for you.

There are strict regulations currently on filming in Germany with a drone. The easiest way to do it is by hiring a local operator who is registered with authorities.

GVs are generally done without film permits when not near government buildings or other restricted areas.

Large production that requires to shut down public space would need at least three weeks for film permit processing.

Our film fixer recommends to give at least two weeks for simple permits and minimum one month for more complex projects.


Access for Foreign Journalists

Generally, filming in Germany as part of a news piece or press coverage of events is relatively easy. The country ranks 15th on the world press freedom index, close to Austria, Iceland or Canada. This means journalists will find working in Germany relatively easy thanks to a solid constitutional backing and independent judiciary.

Fixer in Germany is experienced in helping international correspondents and journalists doing coverage in the country.  


Tax Incentive

The German government offers a tax rebate of 25% on international productions that qualify for it. You may sometimes get additional financial support from regional authorities as well.