Germany has hosted a number of international film projects. These include movies like Captain America Civil War, Indiana Jones, Inglorious Basterds, The Bourne Supremacy and a long list of others. Filming locations in Germany range from natural landscapes like forests, mountains and rivers to modern cities with impressive architecture.

Major filming locations in Germany include:


This major port city is one of the popular filming locations in Germany due to its contemporary architecture, unique neighbourhoods and vibrant city life. Hamburg boasts water canals and also has extensive parklands. In addition to being one of the main tourist destinations in the country, the city is also a hub for research and education.

Filming locations in Germany - Hamburg

Stralsund and Wismar

Located on the Baltic coast of Germany, the historic towns of Stralsund and Wismar were major trading centers in the 14th and 15th centuries. They later became major Swedish administrative centers and German defense cities later in the 17th century. These towns bear marks of their rich history with several Gothic architectural structures, cathedrals and town halls dotting the landscape.

Filming locations in Germany - Stralsund & Wismar


As the largest state in Germany in terms of land area, there is no shortage of filming locations in Bavaria. The state is reputed for beautiful natural scenery like the Bavarian Alps and the Forest National Park. In addition, Bavaria hosts the town of Bamberg and its renaissance architecture and the Neuschwanstein Castle. Munich, which is one of the main production centers in Germany, is the capital of Bavaria.

Filming locations in Germany - Bavaria


The capital city of Germany is also a major production center. The contemporary city is home to several famous landmarks, popular museums, palaces, and natural parks. Berlin is not only a major European city, but also one of the major centers for politics, culture and media in the world.

Filming in Germany - Berlin


The Grand Budapest Hotel was filmed in Germany in the ancient town of Görlitz. Producers chose it for its rich diversity and combination of Silesian and Lusatian cultures and architecture. In addition, the rich architectural heritage helped the town in being featured in several other international filming projects shot in Germany.

Filming in Germany - Gorlitz


Many archaeologists consider the city of Trier as the oldest in Germany. The city lies on the bank of the Moselle river and has a rich cultural and historical heritage. Notable locations include the Trier Cathedral, Porta Nigra and Karl Max House.

Filming in Germany - Trier

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