We operate as a fully-fledged production company in Germany. Our fixers work autonomously to provide services like location sourcing, permits processing and general production assistance. We also collaborate with local partners in Germany to provide all your logistics needs.

One of the main advantages of hiring us is that our fixers charge no fixed costs since they all work as freelancers. This way you get just what a regular production company in Germany will deliver at a fraction of the cost.

Location Scouting

The main production centres in Germany include the capital Berlin and other cities like Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg. Our film fixers in Germany also have a thorough knowledge of finding suitable filming locations in remote German communities. In addition, we are familiar with the process of obtaining permits for every location.

Crew Sourcing

Germany is one of the major production centers in Europe. Thus, you can find a good pool of professionals, including directors, photographers, cameramen, and other key crew members. German crews are renowned all over the world for their technical and professional proficiency and creativity. There are also a good number of English-speaking TV & film freelancers in the country. Germany is also close to other major European production centres, which means getting additional crew from abroad is relatively easy.

Equipment Hire

Standard production gear like cameras and other specialized filming equipment are readily available in Germany. There are a lot of suppliers and rental services companies to choose from including Cinegate, ARRI Rental and MBF Filmtechnik. We have links to some of the best rental service companies in the country and can find you the most reliable and affordable options. Bringing in filming equipment from abroad is also easy.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

With a wealth of experience working on international reports with foreign media, our fixers in Germany can assist with every aspect of your production. We can help with initial research and conduct fact checks for comprehensive coverage. Our production fixers can also assist with booking interviews and securing local access.

General Production Support

Our film fixers in Germany work in conjunction with local partners to provide general supporft and logistics for your project. We also assist with putting together production crews for both small and large scale production. Our fixers have amassed years of experience from working with international clients in Germany. In addition, our services are just as effective as that of full-service production companies.